McCluer North StarGazer


The StarGazer’s Philosophy:

McCluer North’s StarGazer publication is a publication as equally useful for the students and the community. For the student staff, the StarGazer is a training ground for those truly interested in any journalistic field. For McCluer North and the Ferguson-Florissant community, the StarGazer gives a look inside of all school and community events, as well as reporting on the breaking news across the country and world. Those wanting both up to date news or training in the field of journalism will find value in the StarGazer

StarGazer 2017-18 Staff

Editors-in-Chief: Emily Schoen and Kaniah Moore-Williams

Online Editor: Ian Obst

Staff Reporters: Nadiyah Dowery, Marie Foster, Madison Henke, Tia Latimer, Michael Redden, Lynnya Simmons, Allison Starke, Payton Woodruff

Advisor: Mrs. Krystle Hoisington


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