Made from scratch

Xavier Harris, Web editor


Just down Saint Catherine, west of McCluer North, there is a small building in stature and shack-like appearance, but full of intangibles and tasty goods. Housed by what used to be a train station in the late 1800’s, is a small bakery and café by the name of De-Lish. Locally owned by Florissant residents, Jeff and Kris Mullersman, De-Lish is living up to its “made from scratch” name and serving all kinds of walks of life.

Kris, who once baked cheesecake for various restaurants, had always dreamed of one day owning a special place to call her own.

“We drove past this place almost every day, during our daily commutes, and jumped on the opportunity to start our shop,” said Jeff.  When the property was up for rent and leased by the city of Florissant in early 2011, the Mullersman’s saw a glimmer of hope in that maybe this place could be theirs. After numerous renovations and getting the building to De-Lish standards, the Mullersman’s opened shop on September 16, 2011.

Both Jeff and Kris were born and raised in the Florissant and Hazelwood area and made the main focus of De-Lish to be about the community and giving back. With their made fresh daily goods, many citizens reap the benefits of what the Mullersmans have to offer.

McCluer North alum Anthony Henry (class of 1995) and Amy Baker (class of 1998) were just two of many residents to experience the many delights of De-Lish for the very first time in early October.

“Overall, I would give this place and its food an easy 12 out of 10,” said Henry while he scrounged the last remains of his homemade chicken ceasar salad. With such a great first time experience, both Henry and Baker are sure to come back for the colossal Bavarian pretzels made only on Tuesday and Fridays.

Along with Bavarian pretzels, De-Lish has other items, all under $12 to savor your taste buds and your wallet. There are more than 35 award winning cheesecakes on the menu, including: New York, Snickers, Pecan and a host of other exotic flavors. If you’re looking for a sandwich to fill you up, De-Lish has The Louie, The McGreggor, and the award winning BLB that stands for bacon, lettuce, and more bacon.

“We wanted to make everything original, and everything on our menu was created by us,” said Jeff. Meaning you cannot find anything like the Mullersman’s food anywhere, no matter how far you look.

Instead of the sandwich being an ordinary BLT that you can pick up at your local sandwich shop, Jeff decided to create this massive sandwich with: ten slices of the freshest thick cut apple wood bacon, stacked up between two freshly made slices of French bread, and topped off with Jeff’s homemade spicy Cajun remoulade sauce. The BLB was featured on Feast Magazine for not only its taste, but for its creativity in creation. De-Lish also has other creative menu items like their Sweet & Salty cookie, made with: kettle cooked potato chips, chunks of chocolate, pretzels, and M&M’s.

“Whenever people hear what’s in our Sweet & Salty pretzel, they turn their nose up, but in reality it’s really good,” said Kris with a huge grin.

Nevertheless, De-Lish is making a name for itself within the city of Florissant, and among the entire St. Louis Metropolitan area. The  , local NBC affiliate-KSDK, and even The Travel Channel have featured the business. To say the least, this small business is a big deal. Even to the one couple from Jefferson City who ventured to De-Lish, “just to eat here,” said Jeff with a smile.

With such a cult-like following, it’s hard for one to understand why De-Lish is so delicious to so many people. And the only real answer would be to find out for yourself. De-Lish is located at 1060 Rue Saint Catherine, and are open Tuesday-Wednesday 8 a.m-7 p.m, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8 a.m-9 p.m.