Just Do It


Trelisa Harris, Staff Reporter

By Trelisa Harris

Staff Reporter

Recycling Pic copyScholarships are very important when considering college, and even more, your future. They can range from articulating yourself to being left handed. Some are difficult to obtain due to competition and survival of the fittest. And in this case, a reward of $4,000 to the greenest thumb.
It all started in Ms. Eldredge’s advisory with a scholarship opportunity available to seniors all over the United States. Seven students from her advisory were interested and found their inspiration from her zeal for excellence.
“She always tries to find ways to get money for college,” said Isis Burks.
The task was simple; just collect cans. Bins were placed in teachers’ lounges, and the seniors also sought cans from stashes they could find around their homes in addition to seeking them from close ones.
Eldredge encouraged students to donate by offering extra credit and found humor in their need for more cans.
“It was kind of funny because we began to harass people drinking from cans, like ‘can I have that when you’re done?’”
From October to Dec. 12th, all options were exhausted and more than 900 cans were collected. Eldredge scheduled a meeting every week that consisted of gathering the cans, washing them, sorting them by color, and finally crushing them.
To seal the deal, a creative photo depicting all the cans collected needed to be submitted to the website. After preparing the cans, they were arranged into the slogan ‘Just do it’. And instead of the Nike logo, they decided to form the green recycling logo that represented the cause – recycling.
Although Aaron Smith fears that a little over 900 cans won’t be enough to receive a scholarship, he continues to keep a positive attitude.
“I know there are other scholarships to apply for,” Smith said.
Isis Burks’ gratitude is also prevalent.
“It was a cool way to get scholarships and go green,” she said. “We liked being able to bond with each other and our advisor.”
As a senior, preparing for your future can get hectic but you should take every chance to apply for scholarships, despite rejection and falling short.
Smith and Burks show this strength and ignore that possibility, keeping their futures in mind.  And even though it can be overbearing, just do it.