New Year, New Things

MNHS brings new additions to the school year

Michael Redden, Staff Reporter

The new year at North has brought various new additions to the school, mostly to help the incoming freshman. New directional signs have been placed in hallways and in stairwells, and the doors in the stairwells is a sign saying which direction each of the classes are.

Another new  element to the school is the referral and tardy system. The previous year, 16-17, it took eight tardies before serious consequences such as referrals and suspensions would surface. This year, it takes only five tardies before a referral is given. After three referrals, a student will face suspension.

“I noticed the tardiness on classes. [It’s resulting in] harder discipline,” senior Jordan Jones said. “I believe it’s gonna be hard on some (freshman).  For others, they’d get used to it.”

Some try to go about their day just as they usually do, without thinking of the tardy policy.

Junior J’habre Coleman-Taylor said, “I don’t think much of it. Just follow them, and your year will go smooth.” Commenting about how freshman may do with these rules, he said “I guess you really can’t tell until later in the year. It’s just the beginning.”

Another unique change around North was the loss of a few teachers, including Ms. Dombrink, one of the chemistry teachers, Ms. Young, a chemical systems teacher, and Ms. Bonner, the previous personal finance teacher. All three of these teachers left this year.

Mr. Frazier, the junior principal said, “When you work in a career, you try to work in a place you feel more happiness. Wherever you work, you wanna enjoy. They found a place to work where they enjoy it.”

According to the students, the new additions bring both good and bad for the new year. Students mostly notice the changes in discipline, but they do not see, for some, these new changes as helpful.

These helpful changes are felt by some of the athletes. J’habre Coleman-Taylor noticed that Navy Nightmare was helping the school’s football team.

“Navy Nightmare supports athletes. Right now, in the season, it isn’t as planned, but Navy Nightmare still fill up the stands,” said Coleman-Taylor.

As J’habre Coleman-Taylor points out, the year is just beginning. There are still multiple changes that could happen this year.  These are just the first of a few changes that could possibly happen, good or bad.