Freshman to Senior Year

A look at the two years in depth

Kaniah Moore-Williams, Editor-in-Chief

Walking through the doors of high school on the first day can be tough for some. For freshman, it is a new beginning and brand new atmosphere to get used to. While on the other hand for seniors it is finally their final year of highschool. From the tons of kids filling in off the buses to the the newly founded freedom, it can be a lot to take in.

“It feels good to be in high school and the seniors are like role models, said Aaliyah Whitley, current freshman. As for the seniors this is like a walk in the park and a day which is bittersweet for most.

As freshman have just now fully settled into high school there is now a lot “ready to get out of school” attitudes and “I can’t wait to get out of school” phrases. Only to be heartbroken when they come to the realization that they still have three more years to go.

Going into the second semester of highschool there is a lot to prepare for, such as end of the semester finals, many tests, and the startup of winter sports. Also this is the time where many underclassmen schedules and lunches may change; and students who you  became close with may eventually fall off.

In contrast to seniors who know who their real friends are and must have a grasp to what they plan to do in the next few short years. Also where seniors must start making adult decisions and stepping up out of the child’s role they once had. As students grow and go through their sophomore and junior year many may go through different obstacles that change them for better or for worse. No matter what high school can either make or break you.

“I think a lot of the freshman will start to see who their real friends are or at least began to see who is really there in the corner as well as formulating their personal opinions of high school, says Dejanna Hand, current senior.

Ending the semester is usually always a relief to students, who have worked hard all semester to keep their grades afloat and maintain good grade point averages. Since this is the last semester for some and new one to others it may come as a shock to how fast it came. For instance, senior, Jocelyn Brown explains how you should always be prepared for school and stay on top of grades to stay ahead of the game.