Dirty Dining: Are Bugs for Dinner?

Local restaurant feeding contaminated food


Melissa White

The collage of photos White originally uploaded to social media, showing the kitchen and contaminated meat

Nadiyah Dowery, Staff Reporter

On Friday January 5, 2018, Melissa White, a former Steak’n Shake employee, posted on Facebook “#shareshareshare just got fired from Steak ‘N Shake in Florissant on Florissant and Lindbergh Road because I found live worms while cooking a steak patty moving inside of it and refused to sell that meat….. well right now #rightnowthey are still selling same meat #nooneevencheckedit. I just don’t want everyone getting sick. I just got fired for nothing I have a family this s*** is not right I did nothing wrong #fox2 #elliot wya.”

This is the first encounter of any form of insects inside meat at Steak n’ Shake on Lindbergh, but this is not the first time Steak’N Shake’s restaurant chain has gotten a complaint. Steak’N Shake employee Joshua Rogers, McCluer North Alumini said, “ Steak’N Shake is sometimes clean when I go to work.”.

He mentioned that he was not there at the same time as White so he does not know what she saw. “We have been slow this week”. Said Rogers.

In Spring Hill, Florida Steak’n Shake was shut down due to roaches on the cook’s line, under the grill, near the warm holding drawers and at the drive-thru area. Based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report, had been many more problems than just bugs. On January 5, 2018, Steak ’n Shake on N. Highway 67  had a Food Establishment Inspection Report done by Angel Anderson because of a complaint that had been called in by White saying she found worms in the hamburger meat. On a scale of 1-4, Steak’n Shake was rated a two, based on food condition, safety, unadulterated and properly labeled, but on their Supplemental Inspection Anderson wrote, “The beef patties from this morning were discarded and not available ” and “ The cook from this morning and during the investigation observed no worms. No violations observed. No further action taken.”

Steak’N Shake is currently suing White for making false accusations on hamburger meat. There has been a debate about if the meat really had worms or if they were fat particles. Steak’N Shake asked the judge to have White remove the post immediately after White was asked not to show anyone the patty by a district manager although she did pay for it.