Painting for pleasure


Jackie Schultz, Design Editor

For Jennifer Huynh, painting nails is just something that comes naturally to her, Huynh, a junior, works in her family’s nail salon, Nail Track, and enjoys creating new designs to paint.

She has painted to nails of many friends and classmates from North, especially around prom. Huynh even took classes at a beauty school to improve her nail painting skills. However, she does not want to stay in the family business her whole life.

“While I do enjoy painting nails, it’s just a hobby for me,” Huynh said. “I don’t really want this to be my career.”

Many girls enjoy painting nails as a hobby, including sophomore Joi Latson. Latson has many different nail designs and keeps a copy of each design on plastic nail rolls. Her diverse array of designs range from Angry Birds to snowflakes, from penguins to her personal favorite, popcorn.

“I like to create my own designs off the top of me head, but sometimes I also try to recreate stuff I see on the Internet,” Latson said. “I started painting my own nails because I couldn’t afford to get them done at a salon, so I practiced and practiced until I could do them myself.”

While many girls consider nail art as just a hobby, Kathy Ung desires a future career in the nail business.

“I really want to own my own nail salon someday,” the senior said. “I’d really like it to be in Ladue or somewhere else in the West County area.”

For now, Ung practices for her future career goals by painting her friends’ nails, mastering old techniques, and trying new ones.

“Right now I’m trying out this water marbling technique; it’s really cool,” Ung said. “You just drip nail polish into a cup of water, draw a design in it, and dip your nails in the design.”

Whether girls paint them to practice for a job or just for fun, there are enough new techniques and designs so they’ll never get bored.