Crazy cute couples


Jennifer Fowler, Staff Reporter

In high school, being in a relationship seems like a very important factor. Seeing the person you’ve liked since seventh grade, making the right moves, saying the right things. Dating the person who seems totally right for you.

It’s all apart of the experience.

And we’ve all seen those adorable couples locking lips in the hallway, or grinning at each other on the walls between passing periods. There are several sets of admirable beloveds at McCluer North. Some are shy when it comes showing admiration, and some act like no one else exists when it comes to their significant other. Either way, they love each other and have special things they love about one another.

The always charming couple, seniors Mikah Hodge and Mariah Smith would announce their love from the top of a skyscraper. They aren’t afraid to show or tell how much they care about each other.

They’ve been dating for two months, and three weeks. “I like how he’s so sweet. Just to show how much he cares. And how respectful he is to my parents.” Smith raved as she talked about Mikah. She said the two work all their problems out, and always make an effort to work together. “We never give up on each other,” the senior said.

For Valentine’s Day, Mariah already received her present, which was a ring. She’s getting her boyfriend a ‘Push auto-start’ for his car. The two are planning to go out to eat, and she said she’d also probably get him so clothes. “He loves Levi’s. Or maybe another watch,” Smith said.

Hodge is very passionate when talking about his girlfriend. “I love her smile,” He said. “I love her.”

The two claimed to be very much in love, as they made a cake together in Prostart.

Couples seem to be the happiest around Valentine’s Day, but also make each other happy every other day. They love the quirkiest, cutest, oddest things about each other. But that’s also what makes them unique.