And action

Jayden Pohtos, Staff Reporter

A preview of the fall play this year

The fall play is right around the corner so purchase your $5 ticket soon. The play The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza will take place Oct. 11-13 from 5-9 p.m.

This is a comedy about two people in present time who don’t like each other but are forced to work together on a school English project based on Greek mythology.

The play includes around 8 different Greek mythology stories that have a moral behind the scenes in the play. A few famous myths in the play are Pandora’s Box, Jason and the Argonauts, and Hercules.

If you know Greek mythology you will admire the humor in this play and if not it’s written in a way for the entire audience to understand.

It will be creative to see how the myths come to life on stage and intervene with the everyday lives of the students.

The play contains a lot of laughter. “It’s one of those laugh out loud stories,” theatre director Ms. Kovar said.

As for the cast, the lead roles are sophomore Alex Phifer and junior Kevin Hefley who play the narrators. Each cast member play between 3 to 6 different characters. They’re ready to perform and show off their skills to the audience.

If you’re in the mood to laugh this is the play to come see. “The play is for the whole family. It’s really funny,” said Danielle Williams.

It must be funny if the cast takes time to laugh during practice. “It’s hilarious,” said Kevin Hefley.

Hopefully the cast will keep a straight face for their performance.