Where do you stand?

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter


When searching for a new smart phone, almost everyone would suggest for one to either choose an iPhone or an Android. While both phones offer many great features, it has become difficult to choose between the two. So the question is: which one is the better choice?

For junior Leah Campos, she believes that the iPhone would be a better choice without a doubt.

“The iPhone is a wonderful product, and I would definitely recommend other people to buy the phone,” said Campos.

Campos has had the iPhone 4 for approximately six months, and she absolutely loves the phone.

“It’s slim and cute, and I’m able to do so much on the phone,” Campos said.

She expresses that the best thing about the iPhone product is the high quality picture that the camera is able to capture.

“You can capture a memory in one second,” Campos says. “I love it.”

Although there are many great things about iPhones, Campos says that the biggest downfall about iPhones is the fact that there aren’t as many free applications like there is on an Android phone.

According to Campos, buying an iPhone is extremely expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. She believes that one will get their money’s worth after spending a lot of money for the device.

Without a doubt, Campos believes that iPhones are much better than Androids. She feels that it looks better, and it has much higher qualities than an Android.

Unlike Campos, sophomore Mecco Scott believes that Androids would be the better choice when deciding if one should purchase an Android or iPhone.

“Androids offer a lot of great things that iPhones don’t, which makes it much better than iPhones,” said Scott.

Scott has the Sprint Galaxy S1, and she loves it and all of the Android software on the phone.

She admits that the best thing about Android products is that there are a variety of phones you get to choose from.

“Your options aren’t limited like with the iPhones,” Scott says.

According to Scott, the biggest downfall about Androids is the fact that it freezes quite often.

“I hate when my phone freezes,” said Scott.

With all of the free apps, and all of the phones that you get to choose from, Scott definitely believes that Androids are much better than iPhones.

Although he doesn’t have one of the products, sophomore Ben Cosgrove has come to a conclusion that he will rather have an iPhone than an Android.

“iPhones are wonderful, and I’ll definitely choose it over an Android,” said Cosgrove.

Cosgrove has had an iPod Touch for about a year now, and he has became accustomed to the Apple software, so having an iPhone would be the perfect fit for him.

Not only would he want it because he is used to the software, but also, because he believes that the iPhone isn’t as complicated as Android phones.

Although iPhones are set at expensive prices, Cosgrove is willing to pay that expensive price, because he believes that he is getting his money’s worth.