Students find new way to spend their lunch time


There are many different ways for students to spend their lunch time. For some students, spending  time playing the only sport on a table, ping pong, is the way to go. There’s always a small group in every lunch period playing. You’ll  see these people playing on the two tables right by the main doors on the student parking lot side.

To try to even out the playing, they have made a varsity table and a junior varsity table.

1st lunch. There are not many players on first lunch and is a good place to play if you’re a beginner. Of the few players, there aren’t many upper-class men, but there is senior Monte Green. He is one of the few dominant players on first lunch. There’s also, freshman Steven Gibbons, who is the youngest of the three Gibbons at our school. “Steven is not a bad player,” said junior Robbie Ellerman. “He just needs some improvements.”

2nd lunch. Unless you’re junior Robbie Ellerman or senior Dylan Ebersohl, you’re not playing on the varsity table during 2nd lunch. With these two showing off and messing around, it’s hard for people not to come watch. If you’re on 2nd lunch and feel like playing, get in line at the junior varsity table, because you’re behind four other players waiting to play. With more players and a crowd of people to watch them play, you can easily say it’s more competitive at 2nd lunch.

3rd lunch.Beginners beware. Some of the best players at this school play during this lunch period. You’ll even see some of the better players like Logan Battiste play on the junior varsity table because you got two of the best players taking over the varsity table. Joe Ellerman and Tommy Gibbons are considered the top two ping-pong players at North.

There is only one teacher who plays ping pong and that’s Mr. Lapinski. You’ll see him on every lunch period and feels he’s the best ping-pong player at North. ”Everyone knows I’m the best, and they’re all haters,” yelled Mr. Lapinski. He has set up a tournament next spring to see who is the best player. Mr. Lapinski wants to be his name on the trophy early, but senior Joe Ellerman said “his name is getting near that trophy!” So tune in next spring for a clash of the titans.