Who says I can’t be single?

Jennifer Fowler, Staff Reporter


You hear the same thing every year. Girls gushing about how excited they are for the gifts they’ll receive this year, boys complaining about the holes it’ll leave in their pockets, and lonely people grumbling about how much they hate February 14th all together. But have you ever paid attention to single people? Their feelings towards Valentine’s Day and their plans? Most would be quick to say that they’d be spending it alone, but many individuals feel otherwise.

Junior Darrell Cooper is single, “and looking.” He admits that he’ll be spending Valentine’s Day at home, but wouldn’t object to finding something to do that night.

“I’d like to find someone to spend it with, even a friend. I don’t want to be sitting at home bored,” he said.

Though he currently has no plans, Cooper feels that single people can have a lot of fun on Valentine’s Day.

“You don’t have to worry about anyone or any problems. You can go out and have fun.”

He mentions one can do things such as going to the movies, or just chill with friends.

“You don’t need anyone to have fun!” he said. “It’s just another day though. Because once it’s over,people go back to normal.”

Cooper feels that you can have fun if you’re single or in a relationship, and doesn’t see why Valentine’s Day is such a big deal.

“Why do you need one day to show your love to someone? You have all year do that.”

Don’t feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Neither does freshman Kereenyaga Miller

“It’s like every other day of the week,” he claimed.

But he believes he could find something fun to do if he wanted to. “I’d go to a party or hang out with friends. Just have fun.”

He also adds that he’s single by choice.

“I like to do my own thing, and I will this year,” he said.

Though he’s single, Miller sees the fun February 14th has to offer.

“It’s a pretty good holiday, because there’s if there’s someone you really like or love, that day is a good way to express that.”

Junior Samantha LaRue is single, but still spending her Valentine’s Day with a guy.

“I wouldn’t be thrilled about spending Valentine’s Day alone, so I’m spending it with a guy I talk to.”

LaRue actually feels that single people have the most fun on Valentine’s Day, being able to hang out with their other single friends.

“You can have a girl’s date with your girls,” she exclaimed. “You don’t need guys to have fun.”

She says one could go to the mall, hang out with friends, go out to eat, or go shopping.

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be mushy and corny. I’m sick of seeing the same thing every year,” she said.

For her dream Valentine’s Day, LaRue has a good night in mind.

“I’d like to just get dressed up and get my nails and hair done, go to a nice restaurant and have a good time.”

To be happy on February 14th, it doesn’t take much. Do something different. Try cooking a meal for you and a friend, have people over for a movie night, or just go for a nice long drive around town. You don’t always have to be in the romantic mood to enjoy Valentine’s Day.