Hottest hits of the summer

Taylor “Chief” Martin, Staff reporter


Mario and Donkey Kong: minis on the move (summer 2013) the only games on this list that is only for the 3DS. This is the fifth game that Mario and Donkey Kong have co starred in together. This one is going to be a puzzle game where you play as mini Mario and mini Donkey Kong and you must move blocks on a broad to get to the goal. Their will be some features like being to create and share your own levels.


Madden 25 (August 20) It’s been 25 years since the first madden game was released. EA Sports says this madden will be a special one with new special features that haven’t been announced yet. Also there is a special tournament going on to determine of will be on the cover. There’s eight players left in the running for the cover spot. This will be one of the biggest games to come out in the late summer.


Grand Theft auto V (September 17) One of the biggest games of the summer brings us back to one of the most loved states in the gta franchise. San Andreas with Los Santos are getting a total makeover making the whole state bigger and better. With three new main characters that you with have a chance to play as all of them. Plus the gta world is just way better now with fly planes again and more mini games like golf might be a new feature to gta. All around gta V looks like it will live up to the gta standards.


South Park: The stick of truth (mid to late 2013) yes this is the newest thing Matt Parker and Trey Parker have come up with. This game has been questioned about many times and has been moved back two times. As Gameinformer put it the video game is to be a role-playing game where you play as the new kid in South Park and you join the rest of the gang on missions throughout the city.


Batman: arkham origins (October 25) the newest game to the arkham game series is suppose to take you back in time when he faces some of his early foes. Story wise 8 bad guys come to Gotham on Christmas Eve to try to kill batman. Even though this game comes out in fall it looks like a good game and as Joven from smosh games says it may live up to the hype like the other two did.