Kaelyn and Erika, Correspondents

Instagram is becoming a highly popular app to use and along with it becoming popular so have some of our students with some of them receiving thousands of followers. We had to wonder how.

Christopher Woodfork
Followers: 1,163
“Follow people, and they follow back.”
Destiny Lee
Followers: 1,025
“Instagram games.”
Garrett Walker
Followers: 1,932
“By posting pictures of my life, what I do and my dream.”
Brandon Dunlap
Followers: 804
“People want to see the new stuff I get and what I do with my social life… and I’m handsome.”
Dejha’ Williams
Followers: 3,892
“Every time I post a picture I get more followers.”
Deja Fowler
Followers: 1,165
“No filter!”
Justin Nelson
Followers: 1,025
“Doing shout outs, and they add up over time.”