Where to eat today?

Amy and Zack, Correspondents


Fast food is a part of teenager’s everyday life. It’s an easy way to get a quick meal  without spending a lot of money. A survey was taken out of 100 students from grades, 9th – 12th. The choices were out of top choice fast food restaurants.

1. Mcdonalds is convenient, also thee fries are amazing. – Junior Kimberly McCoy

2. Subways my favorite because you can choose what you want on your sandwich and how much you want on it.” -Junior Alicia shivers

3. [Taco Bell] “They have meatless stuff” – Teacher Ms. A Hall

4. “I like White Castle because they have the best cheese fries without a doubt. They also have cheap, yet tasty sliders.” – Sophomore Jeremy Rauth

5. “Burger King is so much better than McDonald’s” – Freshman Courtney Neisler
6. Wendy’s frostys are the best no doubt.” – Junior Zack Monica
7. [Dairy Queen] “Shakes are the bomb, and you can add protein to them” – Junior Brittany Spiva