The show goes on


Kamau Miller, Staff Reporter

When McCluer North hosts its annual Special Olympics in April, the weather is typically cooperative with events taking place on and around the football field. But plans for the event were changed this year due to the rain and cold.

The show must go on for children from elementary schools all over North County. The Special Olympics couldn’t have been held without the help of the staff and students volunteering their time.

“The Special Olympics gives kids in the Special School District a chance to have fun because many of the kids have different disabilities and it gives them a chance to smile and have fun,” said Mr. Polk who was the announcer  for the event.

Events were held indoors in the main and annex gyms. Athletes competed in activities such as the long jump and the tennis ball toss.

Through the Special Olympics, all of the kids were able to be equal and have a good time and participate in the events with the aspirations of winning a ribbon.

McCluer North students participated in the Special Olympics by signing up to be a buddy to an athlete. The job of a buddy was to accompany an athlete and to cheer them on at the events they participated in. They also ate lunch with them and made sure they had a good time.

“As a buddy, you have to encourage them and have fun,” said senior Jadean Hoff.

“You have have to look out for your fellow Olympians because if they’re having a good time then you’re having a good time,” said senior Tempestt Stewart.

The Special Olympics is usually hosted every year at McCluer North during the spring when it’s nice, warm and sunny. But event sponsor Mr. Schottmueller had to change plans at the last minute because of the rainy weather.

“I found out (the day before), but Coach Schottmueller and the staff did a great job putting it together indoors or outdoors,” said Mr. Polk.

Overall, the event went well and everywhere you looked you saw kids smiling, laughing and having fun, which was the goal of the Special Olympics.