Coming together

Jayden Pohtos, Staff Reporter

By: Jayden Pohtos

Staff Reporter

Every year the homecoming committee chooses the five days for the much-anticipated spirit week.  After homecoming committee determines the days, the activities office approves them.

“Spirit week is the one time in the school year that we all come together as a family,” said activities director Mr. Smith.

The week of Sept. 30 features a similar lineup as it has in the past with minor alterations.

Monday’s traditional class color day remains the same but some of the other days have been moved around.  School Spirit moves from Friday to Thursday.  Tuesday will be Superheroes and Villains with the seniors being superheroes.  Wednesday will be Young and Old with seniors as the senior citizens and the other classes as babies.  School Spirit moves from Friday to Thursday. Finally, Twin Day takes place on Friday.

The school administration supports only these school-sanctioned days and students must adhere to school dress code.

“It must fit with the spirit of the day,” Dr. Hopper said.

The main focus for spirit week is for everyone to show school spirit but also follow the rules that are enforced.

Some students tend to take Spirit Week days too far by breaking the rules of dress code and not following the school spirit days. This applies to seniors too, who sometimes do not follow the schedule.

“There has never been any official days set for seniors during spirit week,” senior principal Dr. Schuler said.

As long as everyone follows the dress code for these days given everything will run smoothly.