The battle of the social networks


Jayden Pohtos, Staff Reporter

By: Jayden Pohtos

Staff Reporter

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking sites of our time. It allows you to post pictures of your everyday life. Just recently Instagram added a new update to the site allowing people to post videos as well as pictures. Some students feel that this update was only made because of Vine. Vine is another social networking site that allows people to post videos of them doing anything they want. The videos can only be up to 6 seconds long. Vine was launched in late January of this year. It became very popular very fast. Only 5 months later Instagram updated their app for people to post videos. Coincidence? I think not. Many students have their opinion on which site is best.


Josh Varvil


“ I like Vine way more. Instagram allowed videos to try and compete with Vine because that was their competition. So I only use it Instagram for photos.”

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Web copy1Zaakiyah Boston


“I prefer Instagram because you can post pictures and look at videos.”

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Breanda French


“The videos can be longer on Instagram so I like it more plus there’s pictures.”

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Brenna Clare


“I like Instagram more because it hooks up to my Twitter and Facebook plus the videos are longer and can have filters.”

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Web copyCassidy Stephen


“Instagram is better but I still like to watch the funny videos on Vine.”

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Alex Stewart


“I prefer Vine. It was first and it’s original. I still use Instagram for pictures though.”

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