What to Read


Nic Taylor, Web editor

By: Nic Taylor

Web editor

Throughout the several years of schooling students go through, they tend to read a lot of books. Either they are educational or not, they all have some type of impact on our lives. With all of the different types of books readily available, here are some books worth reading.

The Ones of Future Kings

A fantasy novel written by T.H. White, this story is a themed about exploration of human nature regarding justice and power. A boy named Arthur becomes a king and attempts to “make things right” with the idea of chivalry. Unfortunately, chivalry comes to an end since justice is enforced.
Ms. Williams had a great interest in this particular novel. She liked the interests of the story and character driven. Asking Ms. Williams about the novels she reads, what brings her back to keep reading books. She said to us “Books that make me believe anything is possible.”

Holy Bible

A collection of texts considered by sacred in Judaism and Christianity is the Holy Bible. The Bible is shared between two religions, but aren’t the same in context. Such as in Judaism do not believe in the new testament as opposed to Christianity. Other religious groups have different versions and or divide into different cannons.
Ryan Batisto found interest into this book because he explained, “It puts order to chaos.” As a reader, he finds great interests in the book and believes in the views that it offers.

The Hate List

A young adult novel written by Jennifer Brown has created The Hate List. Writing for a newspaper column for four years, she decided to start her debut novel. Set after a shooting incident at an American high school, it deals with hatred, bullying, and family.
Elizabeth stendberg, had her interest in this book once she read it in class. After reading the book she said, “You can’t trust someone you think you know.” She like how the story progressed with problems that could be thought out differently.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, teaches you everything about empowering yourself for success. Drawing from experiences of other famous U.S. businessmen and himself, he makes real-world lessons anyone can learn from. This book is ranked one of the best self-help books of all time.
A fantastic self-help and business book, this choice was presented by Steven Hudson. “It gave me insight on things not to do. I learned from their mistakes,” said Steven. Highly interested in entrepreneurship and starting his own business, he recommends this book to those willing to do the same.