An enchantment under the sea


Jennifer Fowler, Editor-in-cheif

By: Jennifer Fowler


DSC_0540 copyHomecoming is an exciting time that conjures  students’ school spirit, and grants them the ability to express themselves. It’s hard not to be enthused when seeing the handcrafted floats at the parade, the football team score a string of touchdowns, and spraying on the last spritz of perfume for the dance.

Sophomore Kayla Pittman, sister to previous Homecoming Queen Courtney Graham, is excited to experience Homecoming for the first time. She can’t wait to come home after the big game and slip on her emerald dress and glittering platform pumps.

“I’m looking forward to taking pictures, going out to eat, and going to a hotel party afterwards,” Pittman said.

She sees Homecoming as a big party for the students at North. “You can get dressed up and have fun. It’s like a carefree night.”

As for this year’s theme, Pittman initially thought it was going to reflect Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

“I thought I’d see a lot of blue, coral reefs, and turtles. Then when I heard the word enchanted, I thought of the Little Mermaid. I’m not really sure what they’ll do.”

Regardless of how the gym is decorated, the sophomore anticipates a very fun day. She’s most excited about seeing the Stars win against Hazelwood East and arriving at the dance looking her best.

The night isn’t possible without heavy contributions, from Homecoming committee and the art department. Mr. Robbins has been part of making the dance happen for 11 years.

“The whole idea of Homecoming is school pride and unifying students,” he said.

Robbins has been wanting the theme “Under the Sea” for a while. “There are so many possibilities. I plan to make the gym look like a salt water aquarium. I love the ocean.”

Along with his input, the art teacher opens the table up to ideas from his AP Art Studio class.

“They design the ticket, the decorations, and offered some of the theme choices.”

A majority of the decisions are also made by Homecoming Committee, led by Ms. Hobin, Ms. Frey, Ms. Meer, Ms. Burns and Robbins. “We put a lot of work in, and it takes a lot of time, but I enjoy making everything visually pleasing,”

Expect a medley of sea creatures from Mr. Robbins including sharks, sea horses, and fish adorning the gym.

Aiding Mr. Robbins in putting Homecoming night together is senior Oscar Simpson. This is his second year on Homecoming Committee, and he’s excited to be working hard alongside everyone else.

“Everyone’s going to have a nice time and see really nice decorations,” he assured.

Simpson admits that he actually likes the theme this year, because of its originality. “Under the Sea” is a first for McCluer North.

“I picture a beautiful island at night with stars, and a lot of fish.”

The senior and the rest of the committee are working on décor including starfish, seahorses, and table centerpieces that resemble coral.

Surely his favorite part of Homecoming is the dance, he says because of the fun environment.

Simpson definitely will make this year memorable, as this dance will be his last.

Homecoming is undoubtedly one of the most fun and spirited events of the school year. Don’t miss out on the occasion, it’s more fun than you’d expect.