What’s your perfect date?

What’s your perfect date?

Hannah Goodman, Staff Reporter

By Hannah Goodman

Staff Reporter


1.) What is your ideal class?

A: Something that gives me a challenge B: Anything I can get a decent grade in

C: A bit easy and challenging at the same time D: Something so easy I don’t have to think at all

2.) Are you a perfectionist?

A: Yes, always B: Sometimes

C: Rarely D: Never


3.) What would you wear on a date?

A: Something formal B: Something  I can stretch in

C: Something cute and comfy D: Something perfect for


4.) Your last date was not _________ enough.

A: Romantic B: Fun

C: Adventurous D: Laid-back


5.) How serious of a person are you?

A: Very serious B: To a certain degree

C: A little D: Not at all


6.) Which place sounds best to spend a day off?

A: Home B: Sports event

C: The park D: The mall


7.) Your friends would describe you as:

A: Romantic and earnest B: Unique and independent

C: Outgoing and social D: Sweet and shy

8.) How much does people’s opinion of you matter?

A: A lot B: It’s somewhat important

C: Only the people that matter. D: Not at all


If you picked…

MOSTLY A’S: You are a sophisticated person, and your date should be too.  Dinner at a nice restaurant would be perfect for you and your date to spend an evening together and talk.

MOSTLY B’S: You are the definition of entertainment.  You could find a way to keep anyone laughing.  A game night alone or with more couples would be fun for you and your date.  Either way, you will have a great time.
MOSTLY C’S: You are always on the move, full of energy and excitement.  Go somewhere that requires you and your date to get active.  Ice skating might be the perfect date for you to both spend time with.
MOSTLY D’S: You are a relaxed individual who enjoys the little things in life.  Movie night at home is just what you need.  Its calm and an easy way to spend some time with your date.