Holiday eats

Holiday eats

Brittany Minor, Staff Reporter

By: Brittany Minor

Staff Reporter 

92Food is a bigger part of the holidays than some people think it is and here at McCluer North it’s no different. A large amount of the work that goes into preparing for the holidays is focused around food. For some families the preparation is just as much a part of the holidays as mealtime.

“The mac and cheese cooks for like a day. It’s made with brown sugar and brandy but it cooks so long the alcohol just wears off,” said sophomore Jaciya Wade.

Holiday celebrations are different in every household and so is the food. The idea of traditional holiday food is wide spread but what may be traditional for one family can often be strange to another.

Kaylyn Kloepper, a sophomore, helps her mother with the process of preparing food for the holidays. Kloepper claims her favorite part of their Christmas meals are the desserts, the pies and cookies she and her mom collaborate on. Like most families though, Kloepper’s enjoys some dishes that aren’t as predictable.

“We like to eat squash, sometimes we cut it open and stuff it with meat, or we sometimes cut it up and eat it with sugar and pepper,” said Kloepper.

Some people opt instead to just add their own special twist to classic dish, like senior Brandy Davis, who’s family keeps a very tight lock on the recipe for their spaghetti. Other than that Davis is truly a fan of the classics.

“I like the turkey and dressing- ham and I love the cranberry sauce,” said Davis.

So are many other North students. Nothing could really beat the classics but the classics just aren’t always consistent.

“I love eggnog, but I add in chocolate and mint,” said Kloepper.

Even the classics take on a special twist from home to home, family to family. Think about it. Cookies, eggnog, dressing, cranberry sauce. There are many ways to make macaroni and cheese and the basics are consistent, but everyone is allowed to add their own touch. Still, holiday food is a treasured part of any holiday celebration, no matter how you make it.