Coming together


Daniel Brown, Staff Reporter

By Daniel Brown

Staff Reporter

With preparations starting as early as November, McCluer North’s musical The Little Shop of Horror will be hosted Feb. 19-22 in the Little Theater.
Any willing participant who qualified for their role in the musical will have their chance to perform live in front of an audience. Mr. Baker, Mr. Ryan and Ms. Wissinger are all supervising and making sure everything is being prepared for the grand performance.
“Mr. Ryan and the set crew have been working hard on an awesome set; Ms. Wissinger has been doing a great job on choreography and helping the kids to learn the dances very quickly,” Mr. Baker said.
Even though there has been a substantial number of days out of school due to snow days, the set design and the entire act is still coming together on schedule.
“We are a little behind due to snow days, but we are working very hard to make sure we have a great show,” Mr. Baker said.
Tickets are currently on sale now for $6.00 per person, or $5.00 with a valid star card.