Charlotte’s Web Fall Play


Matt Hampton

Matt Hampton, Staff Reporter


Theatre program attempts to produce uplifting atmosphere for fall play

By Matt Hampton/Staff Reporter

North’s fall play this year will be based on Charlotte’s Web, the classic children’s novel by E.B. White. The play will be performed on Nov. 6, 7, and 8 in the Little Theatre and tickets will cost $5.

Ms. Kovar rotates the topic of the fall play each year between a drama, a comedy and a children’s play.

This year, Kovar and the directors will be adding their own interpretation to the script in order to make it seem more unique and geared towards small children.

The children’s plays in the past have usually been attended by a nice mix of children and adults of many different ages.  The goal for this fall is to sell out the matinee performance and fill the theater with kids.

As usual, there are large expectations placed upon all of the cast and crew of the play.

“I am actually nervous because with all of the lines and actions that I have to do in this play, it’s an overhaul,”senior Brendan Henley said.

Henley stars in the play as Wilbur, the young and naïve pig.  In the past, he has also performed in several other plays, including the Prince Charming in Cinderella.

The set for this year’s fall play will be rather similar to the one constructed for Dracula last fall.  It will consist of three walls in the appearance of the inside of a barn, with a saloon door, and an artificial spider web in the corner.

The actors and crew are working very hard to prepare for this performance and ensure that it will be as good of quality as it can be.

“I know the kids have worked so hard and I know they wanted a success,” Kovar said, “and I go on that emotional ride with them.”