Cash Me on TV

Students opinions on Danielle Bregoli getting her own television show

Samantha Weir, Staff Reporter

“I feel like it would be a comedy or a reality TV show. I don’t think she deserves a TV show because she is ignorant. She needs help and to go back to school to learn how to talk.”
Rodney Hester, 12th


“I think she shouldn’t have her own TV show because anyone could have said it, so she shouldn’t be famous for that, and the remix is why she is famous.”
Kaleigh Baker, 9th


“She should not have her own TV show because the remix made her famous, not her actual words.”
Feleesia Cunningham, 9th


“It was funny at first, but then over time she got famous and started making money and it started to get annoying. It got blown out of proportion.”
William Sullivan, 11th

All photos by Samantha Weir