Botched Fight

Fans sue Showtime due to faulty showing of fight

Marie Foster, Staff Reporter

After a long wait, the fight of the century goes on between boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC star Conor McGregor. Fans all over the country prepared for months to watch the legendary event.

As millions of people viewed the fight on Facebook live feed, millions more were ripped off  by the network Showtime. Fans paid a fee of $99.99 plus tax to watch the fight live shown on Showtime from the comfort of their homes or elsewhere.  Although, some fans were not able to view the live stream at all, some fans were able to view it but had many connection problems.

According to the LA Times, a suit was filed by Michael Fuller and Mark Geragos, attorneys in a U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon on behalf of a man from Oregon.

The Oregon man, Zack Bartel, says he paid to watch the fight in High Definition on the Showtime app, only to find the fight was through an unstable feed, with poor resolution and constant freezing.

“To his extreme disappointment and frustration, the plaintiff (and thousands of other consumers) quickly learned that the defendant’s system was defective and unable to stream the Mayweather fight in HD as [the] defendant had advertised,” the attorneys stated.

In addition, the case has multiple screenshots from Bartel showing the low quality feed, and an example of an error message.

New York resident Victor Mallh also filed a suit. Mallh stated that his “service continually logged out” when he was able to watch the fight, and “the pictures were delayed, cutting out, or otherwise incomplete.” Both men are seeking to have jury trials.

When Showtime as a company was asked to comment on the issue, they said they could not comment on “the ongoing litigation.”

Although, Chris DeBlasio,  senior vice president of sports communication at Showtime, did come out with a statement.

“While we at Showtime received a very little amount of complaints, we will issue a full refund to any customers who purchased the event directly from Showtime and were unable to receive the telecast,” DeBlasio states.