Taking QuikTrips


Kaylah McClellan, Staff Reporter

You see students here at North with QT 32 oz. cups or maybe even a QT coffee cup. You also may hear students say, “I have to run to QuikTrip to get some gas.” Mary Kate Raftery goes to QuikTrip at least three times a week and loves everything about it.

“I love their facility; it’s always clean every time I visit,” said Raftery.

Mary Kate visits QuikTrip to get their chilidogs and slushies. She goes there after every soccer game and mixes her slushy with blue raspberry and Rooster Booster. The 32 oz. soda is popular for students because it’s only 69 cents.

There are several QuikTrip locations in Florissant and Hazelwood with the newest one opening just in October just 2 miles from North at Thunderbird and Lindbergh. QuikTrip not only offers gas, but tasty refreshments to grab when on the go. It has a variety of food, including sandwiches, wraps, salad, fruit, donuts and pastries. Their drinks consist of fountain, frozen and hot drinks.

Erika Edmonds visits QT for gas and hot chocolate.

“I drive to school everyday and it’s easy access for me to get gas,” Edmonds said. “It’s also the only gas station I’m not afraid to go into really late at night.”
“I love their hot cocoa; the food is always fresh and not dry and stale like other gas stations,” Erika continued.

Sophomore Tyler Stewart works at one of the many QuikTrips here in Florissant.

“I get paid $8.50 an hour,” said Stewart. “After three months you start to get health insurance and sometimes bonuses on your check.” Tyler is a new worker at QT and has only been a working their for a short time.

“My favorite thing to eat there are their chicken wraps,” said Stewart. “Sometimes since I work there, I get breakfast sandwiches for free because they stop serving them after 11 a.m.”