Makeover sets the stage


Lara Hamdan, Staff Reporter

The Little Theatre. A proud home amongst McCluer North’s finest actors. Although it is a cherished home, there can always be room for improvement.

The interior of the Little Theatre has recently been renovated with new floors, 225 chairs, drapes, and new paint. This makeover is funded by part of the $25 million bond the Ferguson Florissant School District passed last August. Construction began as a summer project and was completed Labor Day weekend.

“There is a sense of newness and change in the Little Theatre,” director Ms. Kovar stated.

The old interior included white walls, orange floors, chairs, and red curtains. Kovar describes it as a “complete eyesore” and many staff and students agree to the tackiness. This setting has been the same for nearly 40 years since the doors of North first opened.

The new interior includes black walls and shades of blue and gray to enforce school pride. Mr. Baker, head chair of the performing arts department, had put together ideas on how to make the theater look good and acceptable.

“I was basically in charge of getting new drapes, chairs, and flooring,” Baker stated.

The most excited of all are the hardworking actors themselves. To seniors, this project being completed is like the icing to the cake for their senior year.

Seniors Brendan O’Brien and Kelly Wilson have been looking forward to this event since their first classes in acting at North.

“Ever since freshman year, the teachers have been promising us a better theater,” O’Brien stated. The teachers always kept that promise in mind.”

“Any time we renovate, it helps the kids take pride and show that the teachers are really trying,” Kovar stated.

With a new stage, the troupe expects to turn up their acting skills a notch.

“This makeover was needed for the troupe to gain motivation,” O’Brien said. “This helps expand our acting abilities to our audience.”

The actors will now take more pride in entertaining.

“If you walk into a theatre that is broken down, you will not feel as confident as walking into a new and painted theatre,” said Thespian Kelly Wilson.

The actors are working hard, and with more excitement than ever for the first play of the 2011-2012 school year.