Flight of the Concords

Kaylah McClellan, Sports Editor

The release of the Air Jordan 11 Concord shoes on December 23rd caused riots at stores across the nation over winter break. Some fights broke out, people got trampled, and not everyone got the shoes they wanted. They may not have gotten into a fight or injured but Rickey Starks, Kaliyah Welch, Charles Lockett, and Kenshia Spagner were just as determined to end up with the special shoe.

“I just wanted to get myself a nice present for Christmas,” said Rickey Starks. Starks stood outside of the Mills for around five hours waiting to get his Concords. He rushed and pushed pass around 50 other people when the doors opened to finish line that day. He made it out with his shoes that for him cost $197. Although Rickey is a fan of Jordan shoes, he only has one other pair.

Owning six other pairs of Jordans, Kaliyah Welch likes to call her self a “sneakerhead.” I love sneakers,” said Welch. She went all the way to a Finish Line in Chicago to get her size six and half Concords. Welch got hers for a bargain price of $75.

Charles Lockett stood at West County mall from 2 a.m until 5:23 a.m. “It was freezing cold,” said Lockett. He didn’t see any fights but explained a lot of pushing and shoving. “I don’t see how the girls got their shoes because some boys didn’t care and where pushing everyone,” said Lockett.

Kenshia Spagner seems to be the luckiest out of all walking into Finish Line at the Mills the day after they were released. She got the last pair there at $130 at size 5 and a half.

Unlike Lockett, Welch, Starks, and Spagner, Chris Purley wasn’t so lucky getting his pair of Concords.

“I was so upset that I didn’t get them,” said Purley. After standing in line for two hours he did not get any Concords. He owns six other pairs of Jordans and is still trying to order the Concords online to add to his collection.

Some may not know that Nike actually started the Jordan brand in 1984. Nike offered Michael Jordan a contract were he would receive $20 million a year until 2023 for wearing only Nike apparel and to use his name and image. The first Air Jordans were released in 1985 with new designs released annually.

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