Recognition for perfection


Jennifer Fowler, Staff Reporter

Attendance is crucial for students, as it seems if they can get around it with almost any excuse. There is plenty focus on the students who miss school, but rarely is there any recognition for those who have perfected the art of being here on an everyday basis.

In this case, a large number of McCluer North’s students had achieved 95-percent attendance, and have been decided to be deserving enough of a party.

“I just wanted to give students recognition and appreciation,” says freshman principal Mr. Frazier, who was originally the one to pitch the idea. “If you have 95-percent attendance, this party is for you. That’s initially the goal every quarter.”

The new recruit claims it was a hit at McCluer South-Berkeley, his previous school, and was originally planned for sixth and seventh hour.

“It’s like you’re getting to skip school, just for coming to school,” the principal jokes.

But the idea was shot down, and then moved to a Thursday after seventh hour.

Frazier says when the first party rolled around second quarter there was a turnout of about 150 students, out of eleven hundred who were eligible.

“I think kids thought it would be ‘wack’ at first,” Frazier explains, “But eventually word got around. Now there’s about eight hundred kids qualified, and we’re hoping for a bigger turnout.”

The main gym is basically split in half, with one half devoted to sports, and the other for kids who’d want to dance, or sit and talk on the provided bleachers. There is also a DJ who blares the latest hits on a loudspeaker. Frazier is certain it’s enjoyable for students.

He also adds, “When I was in school, I believe I missed about six days throughout my whole academic career.  I liked school, and I try to bring that to the atmosphere here. Attendance is very vital for academic improvement, and I think the students are doing a great job.”

Freshman Robert Regans seems to feel the same way. He’s proud as he announces he’s attended the party held on the January 26th.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea. It’s a good reward for the kids who actually try to come to school everyday.”

He claims he feels special that he’s on the list, and that he wasn’t last quarter.

“They forgot about me,” he laughs.

For Ashanti Frazier, she was a bit skeptical about the party.

“I guess it’s a good idea. But there’s people who had good attendance, and people who didn’t. I think that’s kind of unfair. There should be a party for everyone,” the sophomore says,

She is happy that she’s on the list, though. “It’s cool. I feel like I’m being honored. Even though I don’t like coming to school, I need my education,” she admits.

Frazier says she didn’t go to the party last time because she thought it would be lame, but is considering going this time around.

She does confess that the administration could’ve come up with something better. She says they could’ve given donuts in the morning.

“Something like that. Just food,” she says,

For those who missed the party, there will be another sometime one third quarter.

Attendance is important. Maybe not to some, but overall, it means a lot. Those who choose to care, and try to come to school everyday get rewarded. Others don’t, and miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Students should make their best effort to get to school everyday, even if they’re unwilling.

It’ll pay off in the long run.