Bringing the house down


A scene in "Forbidden Love"

Jackie Schultz, Staff Reporter


Co-written and co-directed by Jordan Love and Vincent Syler-King. Dweebs is the sequel to last year’s One Act, Losers. In the play, super-powered children of the Losers form their own group of heroes with the addition of other new heroes. The Dweebs are constantly at odds with the evil Biebers, a group of villains. All of the Dweebs and Biebers are students at North, and they are trying to discover the secret of the locked fourth floor.

“The Biebers try to use the secret for evil and the Dweebs try to preserve it,” said Vincent Syler-King, who also acted in the play as Dr. Hopper.

Rude Dudes

Rude Dudes is a parody of the movie Mean Girls, but instead of mean girls, it is the guys who are mean in this production. Rude Dudes was written by Amber Voss and Kevin Hamilton and was directed by Kevin Hamilton. Hamilton said he was inspired to write a parody of Mean Girls after watching the movie, except he wanted his play to be based around guys instead of girls.

“I love directing because I love taking charge and seeing my vision come to life onstage,” Hamilton said. “My cast was really great.”

Murphy’s Law

Written and directed by Brendan O’Brien and Yinka Idowu, the play is an elaborate example of Murphy’s Law that states, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Murphy’s Law is the story of a man’s day that keeps going from bad to worse.

“My favorite part of acting in this One Act was the challenge of playing four different characters,” said Corinnne Keller. “I had to rush offstage, change, and get back onstage as a totally different character. It was a lot of fun though.”

One Wish

One Wish, written and directed by Bronte’ Walker and Kalyn Doward, is the story of a woman, Danielle, who receives a wish from a magician. Over time, she realizes that money doesn’t always bring happiness if it comes from the wrong source. Danielle grows close to the magician and her sister, Mimi, who is a mime. She even teaches the magician a lesson about love and trust.

“This is my first time onstage, and I really like it,” said Brittany Ellis. “Rehearsals are a lot of hard work, but the end performance will be really good.”

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love, written and directed by Kelly Wilson and Anissa Quilling, is the story of Kelsey, a girl who is obsessed with Justin Bieber, and her quest to share that love with her family and classmates. Kelsey is ostracized at school by her mean classmates for her obsession with Bieber and kidnaps them in order to “torture” them with Justin Bieber music. She finally succeeds in turning them all into “Beliebers.”

“My favorite part of acting is getting to know my cast members and friends better,” said Christa Hamai, who played mean girl Ashley. “It’s really fun.”