Hitting the right notes

Lara Hamdan, Staff Reporter

From April 11th to the 15th, choir and orchestra students took a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a competition that is held every year and can be offered all over the nation. They had fun in the sun while getting things done.

This time around, the students and teachers felt they were more successful than last year. That bus ride took 16 hours, and although it was a little lengthy, they slept most of the way there. The trip cost $550 for each student after the classes fundraised from the beginning of the year.

The North choir and orchestra basically won every award they were up for. They received eight awards, several plaques, and individual awards as well.

The Concert Chorale won a gold medal for second place. Women’s Choir won a gold medal for first place, and Choir as a whole won a sweepstake award. Orchestra received a gold medal for first place. A sweepstake was awarded to the McCluer North Music Department. Senior Nate Tatar had received an individual adjudicator’s award.

“It was really cool that I impressed the judges by myself,” Tatar said.

North was the only school out of the four schools in the competition that won the “Gold” Standard score, which they received from earning a 95% over all score.

After all the hard work from the student, they got to spend a couple days at Myrtle Beach. “ The beach was my favorite memory…waking up early and staying out late just to spend more time on the beach. Taking pictures and celebrating our win at the after ceremony dance,” junior Sam McGhee said.

The teachers who had gone along were Ms. Harlamert, Mr. Baker, and Ms. Wissinger, were incredibly proud of their students.

“Congratulations, you all represented McCluer North impeccably and time to get back to work,” Wissinger told the students. The North Stars also represented the school in a good manner. That is Mr. Baker’s highlight moment of the trip.

” The fact that not only did we win with class and style, our students acted with class the entire time, even when other schools didn’t,” Baker said.

Last year the competition was held in Washington D.C., and next year the choir and orchestra Stars are planning on attending the competition in New York.

“Start saving now!,” Barker tells the students.