Surviving the trip next door

Xavier Harris, Web Editor

Students were informed Monday, April 30 of a massive gaping hole that made traveling to the annex a bit more inconvenient.

At the end of first hour, junior principal Mr. Schuler took to the intercom informing those students who had to go to the annex second hour that they must take a slight detour.

There is a thin line between messing up your new pair of kicks and being seriously injured by the 6x3x18 foot deep sink hole located in front of the annex’s doors.

To put this to scale, one could imagine of stacking almost three freshmen from head to toe in depth. Then lay Auburn recruit Jordan Granger horizontal on his back with room to give and stack a few basketballs going in the opposite direction and you may still have room in this sink hole.

This thing was massive and that’s why Dr. Hopper made the executive decision to require all students to enter the annex via the back door.

Some students don’t mind walking through the grass like freshmen Benjamin Schultz.  Schultz admitted to walking through the grass to save time on his daily walk to the annex. “I haven’t even heard most people complaining like you would think,” said Schultz.

There was the belief that heavy weekend rainfall was to blame.

However, Nate (he didn’t want to provide his last name) from the contracting maintenance firm ABBCO, says the sink hole was caused by an underground water pipe burst.

The large-sized pipe burst, and as the water rushed out the soil from above the pipe quickly sank in to fill the void thus causing the enormous sink hole.

“Plan on the hole being fixed by next week [the week of May 7],” Nate said confidently.  With no injuries reported, there is a sigh of relief that the end of the school year is coming to a smooth and safe close.