McCluer North’s Arabian Fantasy

Jennifer Fowler, Staff Reporter

Homecoming is a wonderful and whimsical time for everyone. Set in early fall, a string of fun events for students take place leading up to the day that includes the fun-filled parade, the football game, and notorious dance.  The students are able to partake in Spirit Week, a week where everyone can dress as they like to accommodate a certain day’s theme, which has been a hit in previous years.  This year’s theme is Arabian Nights, a theme that most would refer to Disney’s Aladdin to serve as an image. The magical dance is set to take place on October sixth.

Sophomore Cicely Barnett describes Arabian Nights as a creative and unique theme, which students could easily conform to in their dress.

“It gives a lot of options for people to wear. I think people would really get into it,” she said.

“When I hear the theme I think of Aladdin and flying carpets, and Abu the monkey.”

Barnett said that if she could’ve chosen any theme in the world, it would’ve been a hip hop theme.

“I’d love it to be something revolving around music. I really like music and it’d be something that everyone could incorporate their own ideas into.”

Though homecoming will not be a house of hip hop, Barnett said that she’d think the dance would be a lot of fun, and better than last year’s A Night in Vegas.

“Because everyone will participate and dress up more this year. I can’t wait. I’m excited,” she said.

Zach Monica is running for homecoming court, and is determined to win, after being beat out last year.

“Yeah, I’m going. If I go I better win!” the junior said jokingly.

Monica claims he was surprised when he heard of the theme.

“I just don’t know how they came up with it,” he said. “It’s kind of extravagant though.”

When he thinks of an Arabian Nights homecoming, Monica sees images of India, magic carpets, a genie, and the beautiful Disney princess Jasmine.

“I think it’s going to be really fun, you just have to go with the right people.”

If Monica would have gotten a choice to pick any theme he wanted, he would’ve picked a circus theme.

“I think that would’ve been really cool. A lot of people would have gone all out for it,”

But Monica has come around to like the theme, in actuality.

“There’s a chance it’ll be better than last year’s. But it’ll all be good if I win homecoming court,” he said.

Sophomore Kristin Norman is effervescently giddy about homecoming, not putting much thought aside for the theme, just being excited to have a great time.

“I thought the theme was creative, but I thought they should’ve chosen something more versatile,” she said. She remarked that the theme didn’t offer much variety to one’s attire, and that some people would be confused on how to accommodate it.

“I just see red masquerade masks, a lot of red, and plenty of belly dancers,” Norman said, expressing her interpretation of Arabian Nights.  She also thinks there would be a lot of gold masks hanging around and gold and black balloons.

If Norman could’ve chosen a different theme, she was quick to say she wanted Paris Nights.

“Are you kidding me? It’s so romantic and dreamy,” she exclaimed.

Well, even if not a French getaway, Norman is ecstatic to attend this year’s dream of a dance.

“It’s going to be a big party,” she said.

One of the teachers in charge of Homecoming Committee is art teacher Mr. Robbins. He thinks Arabian Nights is a wonderful theme.

“We can work with it. We aim to please,” he said.

He explained that he was in charge of setting up the stage and designing the ticket, but that students get most of the creative control.

“I was actually very surprised and amazed that they came up with this theme,” Robbins laughed, adding that the choosing of the theme was a democratic process and “democracy prevailed.”

The teacher has a creative imagination, and that is sure to show up in the décor of the dance.

“In my mind, Arabian Nights consists of camels, magic carpets, Arabian architecture, genie lamps, and genies.”

Robbins is sure the night will be fun and enjoyable.

“It’s going to be a magical Arabian night,” he assures.

McCluer North’s 2012 Homecoming is sure to be a mystical fantasy, including bright, vibrant decorations, and lively music.


September 20th

Last day to pick up outsider permits.

September 21st

Voting for court on all lunches. Student must have hard photo ID.

September 24th-27th

Tickets go on sale for 15 dollars during lunch. Outsider permits are due.

September 25th

Court Posted Winners pick up photo passes for first hour.

September 26th

Court photo 7:30 am

October 1st-5th

Spirit Week:

Homecoming ticket 20 dollars

October 2nd

Parade permit due to Student Center

October 4th

Voting for King/Queen

Bonfire at football field 6-8p.m

October 6th

Parade: 9:30 a.m.

Game: versus Riverview Gardens 1 p.m.

Dance: 7p.m.



Class Color Day (9th green, 10th red, 11th blue, 12th white)


 Tacky Day


Celebrity Day (Dress like your favorite celebrity)


 Throwback Day (Dress for your favorite decade)


 School Spirit Day