Saving lives

Kamau Miller, Staff Reporter

NHS hosts a blood drive for those in need

On Aug.29, McCluer North hosted it’s annual blood drive to donate to the Red Cross. The blood drive was organized by Ms. Kane, Ms. Schottmueller, and the National Honors Society. They all had to gather as many students as possible to meet their goal of 35 pints of blood.

“You can save three lives with one donation of blood to anyone who is injured or sick,” said Ms. Schottmueller. A sign-up sheet was placed in the cafeteria a week before for students who were interested in signing up. Many students didn’t sign up because either being unaware or their individual fear of needles.

So NHS had to make an effort to have more students to come outmany not realizing how important and how helpful it can be to for them to give blood. The Red Cross came and set up while NHS helped work the different stations in the drive.

“It was actually really fun because I got to help people and give blood and it was for a really good cause,” said Ambra Jackson. This was her third time helping out on the blood drive and he also gave one pint of blood. But she’s been giving blood even before she started working the blood drive.

Some people came out for the blood drive were giving blood for the first time and while they knew what they were getting themselves into they had no idea how they’d react one student even passing out.

“It was nerve wrecking but the nurses calmed me down,” said Ashley Green, who gave blood for her first time.

The blood drive was overall an effort by many people giving blood for a good cause and all of these people encourage that more people come out and donate blood because you may have a blood type that may save someone’s life.