Arrive for five

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter

A free $5 bill is something almost all the students at McCluer North would jump to grasp. Dr. Hopper and the administrative staff have developed a new pilot program “It pays to go to class, it pays to go to school,” that gives students a chance to receive $5 for perfect attendance and no tardies for an entire day.

Last spring, Dr. Hopper and several other administrators gathered together to search for a way to improve student attendance here at North. They all determined to give $5 to a student who has had perfect attendance for a entire day.

“I believe that this is an excellent way to get our student attendance numbers to rise,” Hopper said.

The money that is provided to the students comes from the Parent Teacher Group (PTG). The school has received $900 for the school year, and this should cover $5 a day for each student.

Dr. Hopper draws a student’s name from a box each day, and then he checks to see if that student has had perfect attendance. If the student has all of the qualifications, their name will be announced on the intercom the next morning.

Their $5 reward will be delivered to them that same morning during first hour by Mr. Noel. A student can win multiple times. Dr. Birch believes that the idea is wonderful as well. He is the head of the PTG group, and he was delighted to donate the $900 to the school.

“I think that we will see a big increase in student attendance,” said Dr. Birch.

Senior Eric Collins was one of the early winners in August.

“I was very excited when I heard my name on the intercom, because I was lucky enough to be picked,” Collins said.

Besides his doctor appointments that he will have to attend for his fractured foot, the senior expresses that he will strive to be at school every single day and on time to every single class.