Hats on to find a cure

Lara Hamdan, Editor-in-chief


Supporting cancer research is supportive and considerate. On Oct. 9, many North students took the pledge to help show their support for children who struggle with cancer.

Since September is childhood cancer awareness month, student Deyana Hamdan, being diagnosed with a brain tumor in December of 2009, asked Ms. Raciti if she could set up a Hats on Day.

“Deyana came up to me and asked if I could set up a Hats on Day, so I contacted the Friends of Kids with Cancer organization,” Raciti said.

Hats on Day is a program set up by Friends with Kids with Cancer that allows schools to donate money toward cancer research. Raciti contacted the program to register a day where North could wear hats for a day to help raise money and show support. Friends of Kids with Cancer help kids with the reality of having cancer by having recreational activities, academics and other social programs.

On Oct. 9th, North students and staff raised $206. This is the first year doing this program, and the goal is to gain more support for the years to come.

“Some people were donating more than the $1 for the sticker, which was awesome,” Raciti said.

Students who have had loved ones with cancer showed their support by participating. Senior Deanna Lewis, who sported a fedora hat, had a grandmother (whom she was close with) pass away from cancer.

“Kids having cancer seems worse than adults because at least adults have lived their lives, but kids haven’t had the chance to do so,” she said.

Other students feel that this was a great cause to support. Senior Kristin King sported her McDonald’s work hat.

“Any organization like this one, I feel like I’m obligated to what I can to help,” she said.

Many students will like to participate in organizations that help people more in the future. There will be a second Hats on Day next semester on May 1st.

If you want to donate money to the Friends of Kids with Cancer organization, you can go to http://www.childrenwithcancer.org/impact/donate/.