Singing away

Azaria Pearson, Staff Reporter


A handful of students certainly hit the right note during the 2012 All-Suburban Choir auditions. Twenty-five choir members in total from McCluer North qualified for the all-suburban choir and four students – Willnard Anderson, Alexander Bluiett, Kamaria Keely and Rodney Whitney – scored high enough to qualify for all state.

Auditions took place at Parkway North High School on Oct. 6th and many students from all over tried out, nearly 500 students for the ensembles.

Mr. Baker, choir teacher and coordinator for the auditions, had been practicing with his students since August. And all the hard work paid off.

“I’m really proud of my students, many of them worked very hard, I am very pleased,” Baker said.

The outcome of the auditions was commendable although there were still nerves for everyone, some more than others.

This was sophomore Jessica Stone’s first time auditioning whereas seniors like Crystal Spence and Willnard Anderson were returning pros.

“I thought that I didn’t do well but I was really honored when I found out I made it,”  Stone said.

Jessica is an alto, which is the lower range of female voices and made it into the treble choir. Auditioning for anything can be a very nerve racking process, especially when standing in front of four judges whose backs are turned to you.

For many, confidence was a big factor in their strategy during auditions. Willnard Anderson was confident and he also has the skills to back it up. He’s been singing since he was a young child starting in his church’s choir. All of those years of singing paid off as he qualified for the All State Choir.

“I’m going to be No. 1 bass – again,” said Anderson.

Anderson’s plans for the future are very different from what one might think. He wants to be a professor, but for right now it seems like his main focus is music.

Many of these students who auditioned have one common ideal – music is their life. Senior Waaken Turner practically lives and breathes music. He has also been singing for a long time and plans to make a career out of it.

Here are the 21 students who made All Suburban Choir:

Crystal Spence, Jackie Schultz, Chelsea Foster, Ali McNabb, Tempestt Stewart, Natasha Stith, Giovannica Johnson, Jessica Stone, Deanna Lewis, Elita Fortson, Alexandria Weir, Kim Simon, Waaken Turner, Michael Cogshell, Ryan Batisto, Theo Triplett, Stephan McIntyre, Quintin Singleton, Jeremy Booncharoenwong, Clare Dudenhoeffer.

Here are the 4 students eligible for All State: Kamaria Keely, Willnard Anderson, Rodney Whitney, Alex Bluiett.