Speaking the truth

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter

On Friday Nov. 30, superintendent Dr. McCoy discussed literacy, leadership and life expectations to students and staff in the main gym. He had traveled to 28 schools in the St. Louis area, 18 of them were in the Ferguson-Florissant School District.
Although he traveled to many schools in the St. Louis area, he admits that the speech that he delivered to North was the only message that was specific to our school, meaning that he didn’t say the same things to our school that he did to others.
“I did it because you’re beautiful, brilliant, and you’re mine,” McCoy said to the students in the gym.
The students, who closely paid attention to Dr. McCoy’s messages, were able to walk out of the gym with at least one or more new things learned about life.
When senior Kariyah Ward heard about the assembly, she quickly assumed that it was going to be boring.
“But after hearing him speak, I felt motivated to do better in life,” said Ward.
Ward admits that she learned a lot of things from McCoy’s message. The most important piece of advice that she learned was a quote that he said. He stated, “If you don’t want to help the community, you can’t help yourself. This quote pushes me to do my best in everything that I do in life,” Ward said.
Sophomore Demetria Anderson was able to take something out of McCoy’s speech as well.
“I learned that no matter what struggles you face in life and no matter what statistics say, you can always be a successful person,” said Anderson.
Anderson admits that she was very inspired with the fact that McCoy was able to overcome the struggles that he faced in his life.
Chemistry teacher Ms. Dombrink was one who closely listened to McCoy’s speech. As a teacher, she too was able to learn something and apply it to her everyday life.
“I learned that our district is surrounded by districts with struggles that we have risen above,” said Dombrink.