Security locks down

Kaylah McClellan, Sports editor


Many schools are taking measures to make sure students and their parents feel safer at school due to the increase in school violence we’ve been seeing on the news; such as the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut last December. McCluer North is one of numerous local schools making new security policies.

McCluer North is similar to many other schools that had easy access places. In the past, most of the doors were unlocked and a lot of students open doors for people to get in.

“We are motivated by multiple factors,” said Dr. Hopper. “After Connecticut, school districts across the nation have been taking a long hard look at how things are done. We care about each of our students. Safety is a basic human need.

“We will do whatever it takes to ensure that students feel safe coming into our doors every morning. We noticed things that could be improved on to make sure this would happen.”

Rich King, who is the head security officer, has been here for 40 years and believes that securing a high school is challenging.

“It’s very hard limiting access to people getting in here,” said King. “We can limit the amount of people coming in by not letting mom, dad, sister and cousin pick up a student. Instead, only one person can come in at a time.”

Students traveling to and from the annex need to be on time. The doors will be held open during passing time by one of the security officers.

Students who have late arrival can now come through door 17 need to press the buzzer/intercom. The security may ask you to state your name and what the need is and may ask you to come to the security desk.

Students will see signs made by Mr. Ertl that explain they shouldn’t open doors not even for acquaintances. All exterior doors are now locked and should not be opened. If a student wants to enter from the sides, they no longer can.

“If I catch a student opening a door intentionally for someone else, I will assign one day of ISS,” said Dr. Hopper. “It is that important. The signs on the door say ‘for your safety and ours, please do not open the door for anyone.’ ”

McCluer North is also secured at night with cameras, motion detectors, security alarms and breakage sensors in case the building is broken into during non-hours.