A little change can go a long way

Lara Hamdan, Editor-in-cheif


With change can come a whole new aura; or, as AV media specialist Ms. Geppert puts it: “Change is an opportunity to make an area work better – kind of the AV version of feng shui.”

Last semester, rearranging started mainly in the AV equipment and records storage room. It started when Dr. Hopper decided to convert the storage room into a textbook storage and distribution area. The area will be ready by spring break.

The records that were stored in AV have already been sent down to a secure storage area being prepared by Mr. Ertl on the terrace level. The AV equipment and supplies will be transferred to other areas:


• The server room/office area in the main computer lab will house some of the larger audiovisual equipment.

• Equipment cables and other supplies will be in the former ID production room.

• ID production has been moved to Officer King’s former office.

• The main AV area has been rearranged to provide an inviting waiting area for parents and students.


The ID Room is one of the first places new students visit when they register for classes.

“First impressions are important,” said Ms. Geppert. “I feel that a pleasant experience getting an ID can go a long way in giving students a good start.”

The AV Service Staff has focused on creating a pleasant environment by using brightly colored walls, media displays, plants and art work. Geppert especially likes her fish tank and wants to give a shout out to Mr. Farrell for providing the two beautiful goldfish and the plecostomus (algae-eater).

It is hoped that this rearranging will ensure ease of use, functionality and efficiency for the staff.

“We have a tendency to rearrange things here anyway,” said Geppert. “So the staff is probably used to a changing environment.”

The goal is for change to make things better, but sometimes there are drawbacks. Storage space has been reduced so TVs, equipment carts and overhead projectors are being removed from the building and sent to the district plant facility. Items will be kept as surplus or recycled. So there will be fewer overhead projectors and TV units in the building if video projectors and Smartboards need repair.

Senior Arel Askew is an aide this semester.

“I like making photocopies, helping people, and helping Ms, Geppert and Ms. Williams with moving and figuring out where to take certain items such as VCRs and projectors,” Askew said.