A trip to remember

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter


On Monday, Jan. 21st, President Barack Obama officially began his second term at his inauguration. While most of us watched history on our television screen, technology specialist Kelli Ward was able to be in Washington D.C. at the moment to see history made.

Ward traveled to D.C. with a group of friends that she calls her “traveling crew.” This group of friends organizes trips whenever they find interest in concerts or ceremonies across the U.S. After deciding on where they want to go, they work out their financial situations, and off they go.

They were able to obtain tickets to the inauguration by purchasing them from the Senate of Missouri. Their seats were located in the “orange section” at the inauguration ceremony. From this spot, they weren’t too far away from the podium that President Obama and others spoke from, but they weren’t that close either.

Although the ceremony didn’t begin until 11 a.m. that morning, Ward and her friends had to be out there at 7 a.m. to go through security. It took them four hours to get through security before they were actually free to take their position.

“The security was extremely intense,” Ward said.

According to Ward, the weather was cold, but it wasn’t freezing. She had been out there since 7:00 that morning, and she didn’t have to put her hand warmers on until 2:30 p.m.

Being around the thousands of people that were there is one of the reasons why Ward considers this an unforgettable experience.

“That experience represented America,” Ward said. “Everyone had positive attitudes and there was absolutely no negativity in the atmosphere.”

While she was there, she was able to meet a few famous people. She met Claire McCaskill (Senator for Missouri), Corey Booker (Mayor of Newark, New Jersey), Immanuel Cleaver (Missouri’s 5th District representative), Jay Nixon (Governor of Missouri), Charlie Dooley (County Executive of St. Louis County), Chris Koster (Missouri Attorney General), and A.J. Colloway (Former host for 106&Park).

After standing outside for numerous hours, Ward feels that being able to attend this event is an experience that can’t be forgotten.

“It was a really cool experience, and I will never forget it,” she said.

One of her dreams is to meet President Obama, and she admits that this was one step closer to making her dream come true.

With this being an outstanding experience, Ward says that she will love to attend another inauguration.

“I’m extremely excited for the first female president,” said Ward.