A tall tale order

Mickael Vurro, Staff Reporter


Ms. Amanda Hall’s reading strategies class is a class where many students read books they are interested in. They are given a challenge to read 1,000 pages before the end of the semester.

This project is a big part of the student’s grade so it is important that all of the students reach this goal to not only pass the class, but also read more.

“Students record the pages they read by filling out a reading log and it has to be signed by a teacher or parent,” said Ms. Hall.

Freshman Gloria Samuels is taking the reading class, and so far likes it.

“It’s a really fun class to take and I like how we get to choose our own books,” Samuels said. She is currently reading books about Greek mythology and is very fascinated about all of the different gods. The history of the Greeks encourages her to read more about it.

One thing that Samuels would tell students who are interested in reading more is to trust yourself and how you read per day. She also plans to continue reading and reach reading 1,000 pages.

One student that has already had the class is freshman Brandan Maykopt.

He did not like to read at first until he came among the series The Roam. This is a series of mystery books that Maykopt started to take interest in. Soon after, he liked the series and eventually surpassed the goal of 1,000 pages. In fact, by the time Maykopt had finished the series, he read over 2,500 pages.

“One thing I learned about reading the series and going over the 1,000 pages is commitment,” said Maykopt.

After taking the class, Maykopt continues to read more today.