Improving higher demand fields

Taylor “Chief” Martin, Staff Reporter


Governor Jay Nixon announced on Feb. 7 that $1.3 million in grants will be given to several school districts in the St. Louis area. The high schools involved will allow students to earn college credits and gain hands-on experience in high demand fields like manufacturing, skilled trades, health sciences, and information technology.

Ferguson-Florissant School District was one of the three school districts included.
According to Mr. Kastrup, the $289,800 the school district is receiving “will be split between us and North Tech.” The money that North will receive will be used to start our advance manufacturing class that will be held at McCluer.

The class is brand new and only has 20 spots for North and McCluer students. The spots are for sophomores and juniors and what doesn’t get filled will be offered to seniors. The class is three class periods long and you may need your own transportation every day.
At McCluer, it is said that they already have all the tools there in a lab that is only used part of the day. It hasn’t been confirmed which part of the day the class will take place. As far as the tools go, students will have access to 3D printers, robotic arms, X-Y-Z Axis router, and a laser engraver. The class will be run by Mr. Boleach, the Career and Technical Education Coordinator.