Back down memory lane

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter


Mourning the Deaths –


Throughout the 2012-2013 school year, North has had 4 student deaths. North 2012 graduate Jake Vollmer and former sophomore student Robert Ball passed away in early August. Sophomore Deanna Hamdan passed away in late December and freshman Trevion Brown passed away in early February. Students and teachers mourned over the lost of each student. None one of them will be forgotten.


Four More Years –


On November 4, 2012, President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term as president. This was the first time in American history, that an African American was elected to be president for another consecutive four years. This election allowed many of our class of 2013 seniors to vote. There was a mock election of the actual election held in the Ferguson-Florissant School District, and President Obama received 84 percent of our students’ vote.


North on Lockdown –


In the beginning of 2nd semester of the school year, North began taking a serious action on security. Students are no longer able to open exterior doors for students and every student, teacher, and administrator of the school is required to wear an I.D. This new security policy that is now in effect is for the safety of our students and our school environment. Schools across the U.S. tightened their security as a result of the school shooting in Newton, Connecticut.


Putting Fun Into Fitness –


In early March various clubs and sports teams of North participated in the Fitness for Funds fundraiser that was established by history teacher Mr. Webster. This fundraiser was organized to raise money for the 2013-2014 extracurricular activities due to the budget cuts that we are currently experiencing. There were a total of 23 sports, clubs, and organizations that ran throughout the day for the fundraiser. There was a total of about seven hundred laps ran and approximately six thousand dollars was raised that day.


Unifying the Town –


In late March, McCluer North and the Florissant community came together to establish our new community garden. Any person of the Florissant community is able to grow things inside of this garden, if they are willing to maintain it. In early March, students and staff came together to start help build for the new garden. The official opening of the garden was April 21, Earth Day.