North musicians dominate in Chicago

Azaria Pearson, Staff Reporter


McCluer North’s trophy case has a shiny new addition after our choir and orchestra dominated the World Strides competition held in Chicago in early April.

The choir and orchestra have been winning gold and first place for the past four years in the World Strides Heritage Performances. They swept the competition quite literally winning the Sweepstakes Award. Senior Briana Moore has been in the performances every year since she was a freshman.

“I was excited about the new judges they were really different this year,” said Moore.

She wasn’t nervous about the performance at all and was happy to go shopping in Chicago in the three days that they were there.

“We knew we were going to win, all of the other schools were saying our school’s name before we were even crowned the winners,” said senior Chelsea Foster.

This was Foster’s first year performing at this performance and like any newcomer would be she was a bit nervous but she had confidence in herself and fellow singers. It’s not hard considering the success of the North’s choirs that have gone before her. She enjoyed the pieces they sang and liked how they touched the hearts of the audience.

“I liked the new outfits we got to wear, we didn’t have to wear any robes,” said Foster. “We looked really classy and cute in the new velvet dresses.”

With a new performing wardrobe and competitive attitude to boot it was hard to believe that they went into the competition with the smallest number of singers in their group. Despite this fact the choir gave their all in their performance of a variety of pieces.

“We have been planning this performance since September and had a really great group of singers that were all prepared for this trip,” said choir director Mr. Baker.

The hard work seemed to have pay off because the choir and orchestra have qualified for next year’s “Festivals of Gold” which is held in New York City.