Fundraiser targets budget crisis


Daniel Brown, Web-editor

With additional cuts from the district’s financial budget for the upcoming 2013 school year, the impact of this course of action shakes every area of school activities. From sports, to extra-curricular school programs, to elective classes, many programs are at risk of being either drastically reduced or possibly cut in the future.

So, as a sure-fire way of gathering the necessary money for the various activities, there has been a plan of action that has helped raise some of the essential funds for every program.

Mr. Webster, track coach and history teacher, created a way for students to gain the funds while also getting some essential exercise with his “Fitness for Funds” idea.

For each lap the entire “team” or class ran around the school track, donators would pledge money depending on the number of laps. As an example, say that someone pledges 25 cents per lap. If the club ran 21 laps around the school track, the pledge would total to $5.25. Students were responsible for gathering the pledges.

The event took place on March 18th, where 23 sports, clubs and organizations participated on a cold and blustery day. As a whole, $6,200 was pledged over the allotted time, bringing in a good-sized wad of cash in the pockets of the various partakers of the Fitness for Funds program. Funds for the participating activities will be determined at a later date.

“I organized the entire event in about eight weeks, from idea to finished product,” Mr. Webster said. “The thought of making it a school-wide program was good, with everyone collecting the money promised for their individual sport or club.”

The athletic department greatly benefited from this program. Additional finances will allow sports teams to afford better quality equipment, or anything else they might need for the seasons to come.

“It was a very good idea to bring in more money,” sophomore Ezzeldeen Hamdan said. “It’s a way for us to be able to buy more soccer gear.”

Among the groups of contributors was the McCluer North band, with Mr. Schroyer as their director. With a total number of students reaching 63 band members, they were able to raise $230 for their event.

“With the money that we were able to raise, I hope to be able to buy a decent portion of next year’s marching show,” Mr. Schroyer said.

Now, whatever the needs may be, it will be a little easier for the organizers to meet each of them.