Just a touch of elegance

Jennifer Fowler, Staff Reporter

When prom season is here, nothing else matters. Seniors are scrambling to buy their tickets, rent their tuxedos and anxiously wait for their sparkling gowns to arrive in the mail.

While people are working hard to be perfect for the long awaited night, the busiest people are unexpectedly the junior class.  The junior committee picks the prom theme and plans the entire event, along with help from sponsors Ms. Bell and Ms. Steinhoff.

“The theme this year is Forever Tonight, and I think everyone will like it,” physical education teacher Ms. Bell said, who’s been sponsoring prom committee for 12 years.  “I always get my girls to go around and ask seniors what they’d like to see, and since I’m the sponsor I make sure it’s elegant and appropriate.”

Bell says that the planning of prom is very extensive, and this year it took about four months. The colors are teal green and silver, and the venue at the Renaissance Hotel is to be decorated with three different kinds of table centerpieces and lights that change colors.

“The committee helps me pick out sashes, the water bottles for the first 200 people that buy tickets, tiaras and crowns, and the background for the pictures,” Ms. Bell says.

Juniors are responsible for picking out every last detail that goes into prom. Bell explains that it’s always been tradition, but they work hard to assure that the dance, held on May 4th at the Renaissance Hotel, is always classy and enjoyable.

Junior Anika Nelson is helping with the preparation of Forever Tonight, and she likes the theme.

“You want your prom night to be really cool and last all night, so I thought this theme was fitting. It’s really elegant, and I see it as more of a ball than a party. I picture a lot of girls wearing big ball gowns,” Nelson said.

She says it took three to four meetings to decide on a theme, pick the colors and taste and pick the food.

“We asked a lot of the seniors who were on prom committee last year, and they approved of a lot of the ideas we had,” Nelson says, as she thinks a lot of seniors will like the dance this year.

Nelson also says that she enjoyed her time planning prom, as she did it with a lot of her friends.

Another person who was on junior committee was the always creative Joi Latson. She pictures prom as very classy when all the attendees walk in, like it was put together well.

“I want it to have a big shock value. Homecoming was fun and all, but you just don’t get that feeling when you walk into the gym,” Latson explains.

Latson says that Forever Tonight will be classy and sophisticated, and more planning has gone into it for the upperclassmen.

“We want the seniors to have a good final dance. This is a good theme because everyone spends so much time getting ready, and since it’s their last year, it’ll be all the good things about high school in one night.”

Whether you go to prom or not this year, Forever Tonight is sure to be memorable. The big dresses, the perfect manicures, the fresh haircuts, and the satin bow ties are all things that make getting ready for and going to prom an unforgettable experience. Just don’t forget the people who made the night possible.


Prom themes of the last 10 years  

2003: Always and Forever

2004: The Sweetest Thing

2005: A Night in Paradise

2006: A Night to Remember

2007: Evening of Elegance

2008: Here’s to the Night

2009: Before Night Falls

2010: City of Lights

2011: Light Up the Night

2012: A Black Tie Affair

2013: Forever Tonight