Mr. Schottmueller retires after 36 years of teaching

Mr. Schottmueller retires  after 36 years of teaching

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter

After working at McCluer North for 36 years, CLP coordinator and former history teacher, Mr. Schottmueller, has announced he will be retiring at the end of the school year.

Schottmueller began teaching at McCluer North as a student teacher under Mr. Gwydir, who is a former history teacher at McCluer North. He then became a permanent substitute at Cross Keys, and later was hired here at North as a full-time history teacher.

Schottmueller attended the University of Tulsa to receive his degree in education. He later ventured to the University of Missouri to extend his degree.

Unlike most teachers here at North, Mr. Schottmueller was able to work with his own daughter, science teacher Ms. Schottmueller, in the same building.

“It was very neat that this happened,” he said. “It definitely was a privilege to be able to work with her.”

In addition to teaching at North, Schottmueller was the head coach of the football team, the golf team, and he is the former coach of the baseball team.

Throughout his 36 years of coaching football, he has had 7 players drafted into the NFL.

“I felt very proud about this considering that less than 1 percent of athletes in Florissant make it to the NFL,” he said.

He has experienced five state final appearances as well. He says that he will continue to coach football after he retires.

As the head coach of the baseball team, Schottmueller was able to coach the team into winning six district titles and two state titles. He also had 11 players drafted into MLB and some were able to play for an Olympic team.

In 1984, Schottmueller built our school’s weight room. He says that he took the initiative on building this weight room to give athletes the ability to workout and stay in shape during their offseason.

“The weight room is opened up to all athletes,” he said. “Not just my football players.”

Throughout his 36 years of working here at North, Schottmueller says that the longest that he has ever been away from this school is two weeks. He admits that he has had many great unforgettable memories here as well. One of his favorite memories happened to be when he and the baseball team were on their way to a state championship game, and his son was born.

“It was an amazing coincidence,” he said.

The amazing part about this coincidence is that the next year the baseball team went back to the state championship, and this time his 1-year-old son was able to attend the game.

Throughout his years of working, Schottmueller says that he has built strong relationships with all of his co-workers. Almost all of these co-workers are retired however, except Ms. Dombrink.

As he departs from North, Schottmueller leaves a few words of advice for students and their futures when they graduate high school.

“My advice to everyone would be to do something that you enjoy,” he said.