Council in session


Brittany Minor, Staff Reporter

By: Brittany Minor

Staff Reporter

With the retirement of the previous sponsor Coach Schottmueller, Ms. Palliser and Mr. Bender will be heading the new student council. They are bringing with them a new STUCO initiative. They’ll start by stepping back and letting the students speak for themselves.

“A lot of people didn’t know we even had a student council much less want to be a part of it,” said Mr. Bender.

The goal is to push the student council into a more prominent position and to give other students an authoritative group of peers that they can go to with suggestions and concerns. The first step in doing that is getting students involved.

To peak more of the student interest they opened STUCO to anyone and everyone. In response, nearly 100 students signed up, and those who chose to remain are expected to bring new ideas to the table, while gaining the trust and respect of the student body.

“I’d never heard of student council, doing anything. It was always people from senior committee of homecoming committee,” said sophomore Amy Ramirez, one of the many new potential STUCO members. She’s happy to be a part of the group and hopes to add to the ideas her fellow stuco officers pose.

“Hopefully we’ll start new traditions and maybe bring back old ones,” said Palliser.

They’ll start with the annual bonfire. It’ll be the STUCO’s first trial run at all school events and pep rallies. Plans began after the first council meeting on Wednesday Sept. 4th, to add more to the yearly homecoming weekend tradition.

The council will also be discussing possible charitable. There is also the suggestion for a winter dance that will be taken into serous consideration.

“We have to be realistic,” said Palliser.

STUCO is now backed by hopes of creating a lasting change and setting new standards for the future of STUCO. Expectations are high, but most definitely attainable.

“I’d like to see more student involvement, we want to promote school spirit and unity,” said Palliser.

For the near future, student council office positions, such as president and vice president, will be held by upperclassmen, but even that is subject to change.